Quantitative Immunofluorescent Assays using Infrared Fluorescence

Application Overview


Figure 1. Analysis of Akt phosphorylation in MCF-1 breast cancer cells. A) In-Cell Western plate image. B) pAkt intensity in 800 channel was normalized to total Akt intensity in 700 channel.

In-Cell Western™ Assay: A rapid, reproducible alternative to traditional Western blotting and ELISA

The In-Cell Western (ICW) Assay is a quantitative immunofluorescence assay performed in microplates (96- or 384-well format). It combines the specificity of Western blotting with the reproducibility and throughput of ELISA. In-Cell Western assays are also called cytoblots, cell-based ELISA, In-Cell ELISA (ICE), and FACE (Fast Activated Cell-based ELISA). With In-Cell Western assays you can:

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